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Eighteen-year-old Arjane Lantafe found herself in a neonatal clinic watching nurses as they cared for her premature son. It was in these moments she saw the heavy impact nurses were having on the lives around her. From there, a passion for the nursing field was sparked inside her.

Growing up in the slums of the Philippines, Arjane had dreams of nursing school in the United States, but the means were not available. She leaned on God and decided that if nursing was her calling, then He would make it work. Arjane met a woman through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries from Nampa who offered to help her come to the United States, get an education and receive medical care for her son who was in need of hernia surgery.

Two years later, after much prayer and reliance on God, Arjane and her two-year-old son arrived in Nampa. She completed her prerequisites for nursing school at a local community college, but NNU was where she wanted to be. Through collaboration from University supporters, Arjane was financially able to transfer to her dream school. Becoming an NNU nursing student was finally her reality.

“Every time I step foot on campus, I think to myself, ‘Wow Lord, we are here. I am here!” Arjane said. “Everything is so surreal and I am so grateful. I will work hard to not disappoint anyone who helped me.” It is through the love and financial support of our global community that Arjane and hundreds of other students are able to receive an NNU education.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to ensure that student lives continue to be shaped and nurtured across our campus? Together, we can ensure that this generation of students experiences an education that will shape them to be God’s creative and redemptive agents in the world.

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