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Cassidy Littleton has taken a childhood of tragedy and transformed it into a passion that has become her life’s calling. Growing up, Cassidy was in and out of abusive homes, foster care and homeless shelters. She was living a life of hopelessness and never saw college as an option for herself. During her senior year, however, she met people who believed in her and challenged her to see her own potential, leading her to explore the idea of college.

NNU was the only school Cassidy seriously considered, but the burden of tuition weighed heavily on her. Unlike many students, she did not even have a family to lean on for financial support.

"To have the support of donors and know that there are people outside of NNU who are investing in my education has made it possible for me to get the education I’m receiving,” Cassidy said. “NNU has shaped so much of who I am."

Through her education, determination and many different relationships she has made and opportunities she has had, Casiddy is taking control of her future. She is a powerful advocate for foster care reform, has traveled to D.C. on multiple occasions to meet with legislators, regularly engages in speaking engagements around the nation and was awarded the 2017-2018 Pacific Region Youth of the Year.

Despite all of her achievements, Cassidy is most proud of where she is right now. “My biggest accomplishment is every day reconciling with the fact that I am here getting an education and trying to change the world, and statistics would have predicted otherwise.”

Through the investment that others have poured into Cassidy’s life, she has beaten the odds and is rewriting her story. Cassidy began her college journey at NNU in August of 2017, and she will graduate in May of 2021. Without the support from generous donors who give so graciously to NNU, Cassidy would not have found the success she has.

"You’re donating to something that is going to last a lifetime,” Cassidy stated. “You’re giving a student the opportunity to experience an education that is going to shape their lives forever…. I know that for me personally, if it wasn’t for people investing in my future, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now.” — Cassidy Littleton

As we near the end of the calendar year, we invite you to invest in student success so students like Cassidy can continue to be transformed through an NNU education. The money you give has the potential to change the trajectory of a student’s life, lasting far beyond the years of college

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